Trolldom Society Chapter

Small Swedish village next to a forest

The Trolldom Society includes several international chapters under the mother chapter in Sweden. In central Washington, the Trolldom Society Chapter is run by Triple Tie’s founder, Dr. Erica Pedro. If you are interested in learning more about Nordic spirituality, cultural traditions, and the methods and approaches embedded in Swedish folk magic, we are your local contact.

We host events for the turning of the seasons, visit local places of interest, and share our stories and knowledge to help each other grow. We are also here as a resource should you have any questions around Nordic magic and spirituality. For more information about the Trolldom Society go to and if you would like to join us at the local level please be in touch.

All requests for spiritual services begin with divination and workings

Further work is taken on a case-by-case basis pending the step of first reading the situation. There are a range of workings available which may include cleansing, ancestral work, and alchemical work. Each work is driven by the immediate need that the client presents and is specific to that individual and moment in time.


Erica Pedro, therapeutic practitioner offering spiritual development through Embodied Imagination, Divination, and Trolldom services

Services Offered:

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    Embodied Imagination®

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    Divination and Workings

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    Trolldom Society Chapter

Erica Pedro

Erica is dedicated to the study, practice, and teaching of esoterica. Oriented on a largely solitary, middle path; she has over 15 years of occult study and practice and offers services to clients through teaching and working one-on-one with clients. Erica has a PhD in Jungian psychology, certification to both practice and teach Embodied Imagination®, membership in The Trolldom Society, and in addition; leads the southwest Washington state chapter of The Trolldom Society. Erica offers services in English and American Sign Language.


"A living folk magic tradition is always taking in impressions from the outside, but certain traits of the tradition remain distinguishable. In this way folk magic has much in common with folk music."
- Johannes Gårdbäck