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Triple Tie started as a vision from my childhood; create a place to gather and share spiritual knowledge. My intention was to build a place where practitioners from different lineages, traditions, and practices could come together and share the wisdom of their craft. This work stems from my interest in patterns of connection between the ethereal and material, psychic and physical, mythological and literal, across traditions. We are here to share, to learn, and to marvel at the patterns behind the practices, seemingly linked together by red threads of connection, even under stark theoretical distinctions and underlying belief systems.

It is vital to self-knowledge to recognize the patters of connection between aspects of the Self, Spirits and Stories that inhabit us and our worlds, and to work with the connection between the spirit and matter. Each of our practitioners possess unique skills in their areas of interest which they share with others to in cultivating connection between the spiritual and material, conscious and unconscious, dream and walking, sacred and mundane.

We are a small collective of practitioners who recognize and honor each other’s gifts. Our services range from therapeutic and spiritual development to seeking self-knowledge through the arts and creative pursuits. We offer a variety of services, classes, and workshops and our aim is to make this space as inclusive as possible and to grow our practitioners in good time. Between us now, we offer our services in English, Swedish, and American Sign Language.

We are a small collective of practitioners who recognize and honor each other’s gifts

About the Founder

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My name is Erica, and my journey developed from the desire to further know myself and the world in which I exist, both corporeal and spiritual. Rooted in Jungian psychology, my research was originally focused on the dark side of the god-image and integration of the dualistic qualities of the Self. My path led further into a fascination of an even broader search: to find the patterns beneath the practice, technique, and magic that connect our worlds and that seems to exist beyond borders. These patterns of connection both inside and out, above and below, conscious and unconscious, weave the web of our experience here on earth and are therefore, worth seeking.
Theory alone proved insufficient for true lasting change, so in the interest of acquiring a more balanced tool belt, I sought practical application of more than one tradition or technique. As such, I have dedicated years of study to acquiring a PhD in Jungian psychology, certification to practice and teach Embodied Imagination®, and apprenticeship in the traditional practice of Swedish folk magic, Trolldom. The model of the psyche from Jung, the body based technique of Embodied Imagination, and the practical map of spiritual terrain through the study of Trolldom, provided the foundation from which I work.
My gratitude to the predecessors who supported me in this journey both through their work and in personal relationship:  my ancestors, the spirits of fairy tales and myths, and the spirits of the earth, air, water, and fire who have helped illuminate my path ever forward.
May the serpent bite its tail, lest it wrap around our necks.
Serpent biting it's tail

May the serpent bite its tail, lest it wrap around our necks.