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Narandja Milanovich Eagleson is currently focused on writing and the integrated practices of, personal mastery and voice dialogue, embodied imagination method, heart rhythm meditation, Hurqalya healing, and shamanic healing.

In addition, to 40 years of experience in the field of engineering, management, and leadership development, her formal education includes: Bachelors and Masters degrees in mechanical engineering as well as two Masters and a PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

She lives with her amazing husband Gary on 20 acres of California oak woodlands and wildlife. Narandja offers services in English.

Services Offered

  • Heart Rhythm Meditation

    Heart Rhythm Meditation as developed by, is one of many forms of meditation available in the world. iamHeart’s method is a collection of embodied practices that focus on breath and heart The goal of the method is to build resiliency, improve our physical, mental, and emotional health, and if desired to pursue spiritual development through mysticism. When you practice Heart Rhythm Meditation on a daily basis, you will experience reduced blood pressure, improved immune response, increased lung capacity, and an increased ability to regulate your emotions to feel calm and peaceful. For additional information and perspectives, consider visiting the website of, downloading the iamHeart Breath and Heart app, and reading the founders’ Puran and Susanna Bair’s seminal book, Living From the Heart.

  • Personal Mastery and Voice Dialogue

    Our capacity to learn is the only viable currency in our daily lives. To learn means to achieve the results we truly desire. Our thoughts, our ecology of thought, conscious and unconscious control our behaviors. Our familial, social, political, and economic systems and structures manifest and express the human ecology of thought. The ecology of thought reflects the interplay of or the pattern of relations between awareness and memory. Here we include layers of the unconscious dynamics: personal and familial/cultural, the collective and archetypal, and the psychoid (the place spirit and nature meet). The systems and structures that we create and live in are expressions, in concrete, codified, or un-codified forms, that guide and influence human behavior. Shared fundamental beliefs, mental models, and paradigms source these systems and structures. The replay of memories, through repeated cyclical patterns of behavior, generation after generation, occupies the majority of human psychic (mental and emotional processes). The goal of Personal Mastery through application of practices is increase our awareness and to shift our daily actions to achieve what our hearts desire. Voice Dialogue method augments the personal mastery tools through integration of the unconscious with the conscious thoughts and feelings. For additional information on Personal Mastery, consider reading Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline For additional information on Voice Dialogue, Hal and Sidra’s book, Embracing Ourselves is a great start. The following two websites are also recommended: Tamar Stone’s website and Hal/Sidra’s website.

  • Shamanic and Hurqalya Healing

    Shamanic Healing harkens to core practices that have survived for many millennia interlacing art, science, and quantum mechanics. The ancient shamans (healers) were navigators and mediators between the visible and the invisible realities, focusing on the inextricable connection between humans and their physical, energetic, and spiritual environments. The core methods of the ancient shamans are part and parcel of collection of practices promulgated by Michael Harner and practiced by Narandja. The goal of shamanic healing is to reduce the suffering and ignorance in the world. For additional information, consider visiting the website, with Michael.

    Harner as the founder of this non-profit international organization. His seminal work, the Way of the Shaman is another powerful resource.

    Hurqalya Healing is an energy healing method attending to three levels of our existence: the physical, the energy, and spirit. For the physical level suffering the healer accesses and works with the PEMF field that is created through the on-off function of our heart. For the energy (emotion) level suffering, the healer accesses the unconscious but observable levels of the functioning of the mind and energy. For the third level, the healer accesses the unconscious and directly unobservable levels of existence, the soul and beyond; the healer is fully immersed in unity consciousness with the client, feeling the illness of the client and the client feeling the healing power of the client. The source field, the heart of the healer, powers all three levels of healing. The goal of Hurqalya healing is to restore the original template of health at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. For additional information on the Hurqalya healing method, consider visiting the iamHeart website.

  • Embodied Imagination®

    Embodied Imagination® method is a modern-day adaptation of dream work practices of the Asklepian healing sanctuaries in ancient Greece. The method draws from a broad set of disciplines that include alchemy, ancient incubation practices, active imagination as developed by C. G. Jung, different acting techniques, phenomenology, complexity theory, neuroscience, and depth psychology. The EI method,

    developed by the Jungian therapist and well-known author, Robert Bosnak, has roots in the work of ancient alchemists and well-known pioneers of depth psychology C. G. Jung and James Hillman, philosophers Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Henry Corbin, and others. The goal of embodied imagination work is to shift or add to our habitual perspective in how the world works. When we shift from our habitual perspective, we increase our capacity to adapt to the changing environment and to increase our sense of aliveness, all the while sustaining our sense of stability and sense of self. Triple Tie offers EI in both one-on-one sessions and through online certification programs. Triple Tie offers EI in both one-on-one sessions and through extended training programs, including certification. For further exploration of this method, consider visiting YouTube for videos by Robert Bosnak and the website for the International Society for Embodied Imagination. 

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Narandja Milanovich Eagleson, practitoner focusing on Heart Rhythm meditation, voice dialogue, shamanic healing and Embodied Imagination

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Testimonials for Narandja

"Narandja is a healer: wise, intuitive, caring, loving, generous, perceptive and knowledgeable.She travels into the depths with her client. I have had the benefit and pleasure of doing deep dream work with her many times. Recently, I was very troubled about an issue, and she helped me have a series of dreams that resolved the issue. I emerged from this work with a sense of transcendence, visiting arenas I never thought possible. I most value her ability to listen, her fearlessness in facing the unknown, and her humor and confidence. She is schooled in many practices. Narandja never stops learning -- intellectually, emotionally, and creatively -- and she passes this quality onto her clients. She is a treasure to work with."

Leanne Domash, PhD

Author of Imagination, Creativity and Spirituality in Psychotherapy: Welcome to Wonderland (Routledge, 2021) and The Eel & the Blowfish: A Graphic Novel of Dreams, Trauma & Healing (IPBooks, 2022)

"Narandja worked with me using the EI method combined with Heart Rhythm Meditation and healing while exploring subjects around my art practice, family lineage and how these two correlate with each other. Her working method is very intuitive, grounding, warm and personal. She has a way to without pushing the subject too much reach important revelations that was not at all obvious initially. This way of working has made me feel heard while exploring a wonderful internal and external unknown,with Narandja as a trusted guide. She has helped me a lot in many areas of life, by integrating a new way of sensing my surroundings in a much more holistic way. Thank you!"

Lovie Peoples

Artist, Stockholm, Sweden.

"This is regarding Narandja Milanovich Eagleson and the Heart Rhythm Meditation & Hurqalya Healing. I’ve gotten the most wonderful results from these practices! I wanted to get rid of my asthma, which I have! I no longer have a cough that has been pledging me for over a year! After every session, I felt energized and have a ready to ‘concur the world’ feeling! The benefits I’ve gotten are healing, a more positive attitude, & energy. She’s very professional, sympathetic & easy to be around! I look forward continuing these practices!"

Dolores Martens

Esthetician, Bakersfield, California

"I am a part of all things
and all things are a part of me."