Aliette Opheim

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Aliette graduated from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg in 2015 and has since then been active as an actress within the Scandinavian and European film and TV industry.

Besides acting she is also developing scripts for both film and TV-series. She was introduced to Embodied Imagination through Pelle Nordin who was her teacher at drama school and a few years later she chose to dive into the practice and today she is a certified EI Practitioner and Teacher.

”For me the EI practice has helped not only with my personal life but also with my work as an actress. It has deepened my understanding of the human psyche, broadened my perspectives and allows me to go deeper within. Into the unconscious parts of the characters I play”.

Aliette offers Embodied Imagination for actors, writers, directors or other artists that want to invite creativity into their specific artistic work. She offers services in both English and Swedish.

Services Offered

  • Embodied Imagination®

    Embodied Imagination® method is a modern-day adaptation of dream work practices of the Asklepian healing sanctuaries in ancient Greece. The method draws from a broad set of disciplines that include alchemy, ancient incubation practices, active imagination as developed by C. G. Jung, different acting techniques, phenomenology, complexity theory, neuroscience, and depth psychology. The EI method,

    developed by the Jungian therapist and well-known author, Robert Bosnak, has roots in the work of ancient alchemists and well-known pioneers of depth psychology C. G. Jung and James Hillman, philosophers Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Henry Corbin, and others. The goal of embodied imagination work is to shift or add to our habitual perspective in how the world works. When we shift from our habitual perspective, we increase our capacity to adapt to the changing environment and to increase our sense of aliveness, all the while sustaining our sense of stability and sense of self. Triple Tie offers EI in both one-on-one sessions and through online certification programs. Triple Tie offers EI in both one-on-one sessions and through extended training programs, including certification. For further exploration of this method, consider visiting YouTube for videos by Robert Bosnak and the website for the International Society for Embodied Imagination. 

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Aliette Opheim - Practitioner focusing on Embodied Imagination

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    Embodied Imagination®

"I am a part of all things
and all things are a part of me."