Divination and Workings

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Divination services are conducted for the client around the concern they bring to the table. If you have a particular tool that you would like used for the divination, that can most often be worked out. Readings are currently offered online. Depending on the results of the reading, further work can be done at the client’s request.


Erica Pedro, therapeutic practitioner offering spiritual development through Embodied Imagination, Divination, and Trolldom services

Services Offered:

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    Embodied Imagination®

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    Divination and Workings

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    Trolldom Society Chapter

Erica Pedro

Erica is dedicated to the study, practice, and teaching of esoterica. Oriented on a largely solitary, middle path; she has over 15 years of occult study and practice and offers services to clients through teaching and working one-on-one with clients. Erica has a PhD in Jungian psychology, certification to both practice and teach Embodied Imagination®, membership in The Trolldom Society, and in addition; leads the southwest Washington state chapter of The Trolldom Society. Erica offers services in English and American Sign Language.


“As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner.” - Rumi