Pelle (Per) Nordin

A natural theater in a forest

Pelle finished the State Acting School in Gothenburg, Sweden, 1975. One of his teachers was Yat Malmgren. He later studied for Uta Hagen in New York and Doreen Cannon in London.

Pelle has, besides acting, directed, written plays (most of them for children), and translated plays from English to Swedish.

His main focus for 20 years, up till 2018 when he retired, has been teaching acting at the University of Gothenburg and also acting schools in the USA and Norway.

Pelle lives with his American born wife outside Gothenburg, Sweden, surrounded by trees, flowers, deer, wild birds and sometimes a moose or two.

Pelle offers services in Swedish and English.

Services Offered

  • Embodied Imagination®

    Mainly in connection to artistic and other types of projects like research, activism, fundraising, writing academic papers, etc. The EI® work can also be for your own personal growth.

  • Coaching

    Coaching for actors with character work, stage directors, playwrights, and acting teachers. (Pelle´s work is based on Rudolf Laban´s and Yat Malmgren´s technique and Uta Hagen’s and Doreen Cannon´s approach to acting.) This could be done connected to Embodied Imagination® work or separate from it.

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Pelle Per Nordin Practitioner focusing on Embodied Imagination and Coaching

Services Offered:

  • embodied imagination symbol

     Embodied Imagination®

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"I am a part of all things
and all things are a part of me."