Below are the services that each of our practitioners offers. If you are not sure what service is best suited to your needs, feel free to email us and we will respond to any questions you may have.


Embodied Imagination

Practitioners: Erica, Narandja, Alliette & Pelle

Embodied Imagination® method is a modern-day adaptation of dream work practices of the Asklepian healing sanctuaries in ancient Greece. The method draws from a broad set of disciplines that include alchemy, ancient incubation practices, active imagination as developed by C. G. Jung, different acting techniques, phenomenology, complexity theory, neuroscience, and depth psychology.

Divination & Workings

Practitioners: Erica

Divination is conducted on behalf of the client and their question or concern. Every request for workings on behalf of the client’s request begins with divination and diagnostics. Anything and everything that transpires afterward is driven by what is gathered through divination.

Trolldom Society Chapter

Practitioners: Erica

In central Washington, the Trolldom Society Chapter is run by Triple Tie’s founder, Dr. Erica Pedro. If you are interested in learning more about Nordic spirituality, cultural traditions, and the methods and approaches embedded in Swedish folk magic, we are your local contact.

Practitioners: Narandja

Heart Rhythm Meditation as developed by, is one of many forms of meditation available in the world. iamHeart’s method is a collection of embodied practices that build resiliency and improve our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Personal Mastery and Voice Dialogue

Practitioners: Narandja

The goal of Personal Mastery through application of practices is increase our awareness and to shift our daily actions to achieve what our hearts desire. Voice Dialogue method augments the personal mastery tools through integration of the unconscious with the conscious thoughts and feelings.

Shamanic and Hurqalya Healing

Practitioners: Narandja

The goal of Hurqalya healing is to restore the original template of health at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Hurqalya Healing is an energy healing method attending to three levels of our existence: the physical, the energy, and spirit. Hurqalya Healing is an energy healing method attending to three levels of our existence: the physical, the energy, and spirit.


Practitioners: Pelle

Coaching for actors with character work, stage directors, playwrights, and acting teachers. (Pelle´s work is based on Rudolf Laban´s and Yat Malmgren´s technique and Uta Hagen’s and Doreen Cannon´s approach to acting.) This could be done connected to Embodied Imagination® work or separate from it.

How It Works

Though we strive to give you a unique and tailored experience, we initiate a connection with the same three steps.


Initial Consultation

We talk about your goals and where you want to thrive.


Your Custom Path

We develop a unique plan for you and we begin to work on it.


Continuing Wisdom

We have various classes and courses coming to our video library soon. In addition, we offer certificate programs to practice and teach Embodied Imagination.